Smart Hybrid Evaluation Board

HIB03-EVB is developed for testing the HIB03 Smart Reveiver Hybrid. The evaluation board works with 12V DC power supply. It includes a power jack for 12V DC adapter connection and also there is a two-pin terminal block paralled to power jack. There is also a power led.

There is a female header socket for inserting the HIB03 module. Also there are precision test pins connected to HIB03 header. Learning button input(BUT) of HIB03 module is routed to an external learn switch on the evaluation board.

Red and Green Led groups are connected to the outputs of HIB03 module. They indicate the logic levels of HIB03 outputs. Red Leds indicate the relevant outputs are in Logic Low level. Green Leds indicate the relevant outputs are in logic High Level.

The outputs of HIB03 module are also connected to a transistor array (ULN2803) for driving relays. The relay outputs (COM, NO, NC) are available in 6-pin terminal blocks. With this feature; The evaluation board with a HIB03 module inserted can also be used as a control card like door openers or lighting controllers.

For test purposes there is also a buzzer that sounds when one of the HIB03 outputs go to logic high level. However, the positive supply of buzzer is connected by a jumper switch, so the sound of buzzer can be shut off by removing the jumper.

For schematic diagram of HIB03-EVB

For pdf datasheet of HIB03-EVB