Smart RF Receiver Module


Decoding and Code Learning Feature

HIB03-PT-433 is an ASK/OOK compaitable super heterodyne receiver module with intelligent code learning and decoding feature. It is a smart hybrid circuit which integrates RF demodulator and data decoder for PT2260, PT2262, PT2240, EV1527 encoders. It is intended to use with 433.92 Mhz ISM band applications.

By incorporating the decoder stage to the RF part, HIB03 smart hybrid reduces the cost of the final project and enhance the code efficiency of application software.

Microcontroller based design. With Code Learning Capability, the module can learn 80 different-coded remote transmitters. No need any hardware for address matching. With automatic data rate detection, no need any hardware for oscilator adjusting.

With directly logical outputs according to transmitter’s encoder data pins, it is nearly a plug and play solution. The only setup is pressing the learning switch to teach the remote control to the module.



  • Frequency : 433.92 Mhz.

  • High Sensitivity: -110dBm

  • Entire phase locked loop (PLL) for precise local oscilator generation.

  • IF Band: 230 Khz.

  • Wide Range Supply Voltage: From 3.6V to 5.5V

  • Excellent Selectivity and Noise Rejection.

  • Microcontroller based design.

  • Decodes and learns transmitters which has PT2260, PT2262, PT2240 and EV1527 encoder ICs.

  • Four logical binary outputs capable of driving +/- 25mA.

    Active High and Active Low Output models are available.

  • On module learning button.

  • Learning button input pin (BUT) for external learn-switch connection.

  • On module, RF Signal Led which indicates the received signal from supported transmitters.

  • Can learn 80 different-coded remote transmitters. No need any hardware for address matching.

  • Automatic data rate detection of the remote encoder. No need any hardware for data rate adjusting.

  • An optional demodulated data output (DAT) of the RF part is also available.


* Remote Keyless Entry.

* Remote Gate Openers.

* Car Alarm Systems.

* Wireless Security Systems.

* General Remote Control Applications.


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